Now that the weather is nice, it’s so tempting to stop for a treat after I pick the kids up at the end of the day. Even though we do our best to eat healthy most of the time, come on, that doesn’t count for summer, right? Who doesn’t love ice cream or a slushee at the end of a long hard day. With all of the kid friendly happy hours in the Quad Cities, budget isn’t much of an excuse either.  My bunch was happy to do some research with me this week and visit several of these places themselves to make sure they were really tasty, and a great deal.  Sometimes it’s tough being a kid. 

Here are our favorite Quad Cities kid happy hours to add some fun to your day:

Steak and Shake  
This was has been an old favorite of ours for years.  They have literally dozens of combinations of cookie, candy and cereal shakes with something to please everyone.  
2-5:00pm, 2-5:00am weekdays.  ½ price shakes and drinks. This means their jr. shakes come in at just over $1!  I mean, how can you resist? The only drawback is their location right in the middle of the John Deere construction zone, but it is totally worth it. And who is out there drinking shakes at 2am?  Hats off to you!  

Taco Bell
Just too convenient to pass up, these really hit the spot on a hot day. My kids especially recommend the Strawberry Skittles.  
2-5:00pm $1 Freezes (Strawberry Skittles, Baja Blast and Orange Cream Pop), and all medium soft drinks

I have to admit, this is so far off our beaten path, that we haven’t tried it yet.  But it is definitely on our summer bucket list. Sounds yummy!  
2-4:00pm ½ price drinks and slushes, .99 corn dogs
After 8pm  ½ price shakes, floats and ice cream slushes

Dunkin Donuts 
After 2pm, .99 medium any flavor iced or hot coffee. This was the one in Moline, and seemed to be a well-kept secret there, as I had to ask about it. My kids are weird, and love flavored iced coffee. Or you could just keep this one your secret.    

Dairy Queen  After 8pm, 2 for $4 mix and match any 2 medium dipped cones and sundaes.   Enough said.  It’s Dairy Queen!  

So, this isn’t exactly happy hour, but if you are more of a free spirit and want your treats at any gosh darned time of day, head to Wendy’s where their small vanilla or chocolate frosty is just .50 for the summer!  

I remember when “Happy Hour” had an entirely different connotation years ago, but now there’s nothing that makes me happier than being the fun mom who takes all the kids (including any extras that might be tagging along with us) for shakes or slushees on the way home. It’s an easy way to see lots of smiles, and you don’t have to break the bank to do it. And then, when you ask them to mow the lawn and finish their chores when you get home, they might even say yes! Any others you would add to this list?  

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  1. Meghan
    Meghan June 13, 2018 at 9:39 am #

    Love this list!!

  2. Lauren Peterson
    Lauren Peterson June 13, 2018 at 12:31 pm #

    This is so brilliant!!

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