My kids (like most) love screen time and we are always on the lookout for new apps that have some sort of redeeming quality. Here are 5 of my favorites.

  1. Inventioneers ages 4-10
    – I LOVE this App. It’s basically a collection of Rube Goldberg scenes – you know those machines where the domino hits the bell which hits the ball that rolls to the…etc, etc…? Each scene is set  up with some basic elements and then at the bottom, there are a few other items that the player uses to complete the sequence. The sequences start pretty simple and gets harder. It’s really easy to try again and again. My boys love figuring out the engineering process behind this game.

    When you press the play button a ball drops and does various things based on the how the sequence is built. The items at the bottom can be dragged to build the machine. The ball “should” hit the stars, so that kind of helps guide where to place the pieces.

  2. Peekaboo barn toddlers
    This app has won #alltheawards from best toddler app ever to top 50 iphone apps for kids. There are a couple other versions – like Peekaboo Wild, Peekaboo Forest, Peekaboo Frig. We bought a grouping and our littlest guy loves it.
  3. Unicorn ages 3+
    An app for the artistic child, Unicorn is basically a color by number app using pixel art. You can even save a “picture” of your “drawing” once you’ve finished. This app can keep my 7-year-old occupied for a long time. 

    A selection of color by number pictures our son, Oliver, has done.

  4. Amazing Shape Puzzle ages 2+
    This has been one of our favorites for years. Once a kid has a little finger coordination this game because a lot of fun moving the pieces where they belong. Even the older kids enjoy this one.
  5. Sandiego Inc. ages 5+
    Yes, my friends, this is exactly what you are hoping – the new app version of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? You will not be disappointed. It even has THE SAME dial up internet sounds as you get the assignment for your mission. We’ve had a lot of fun re-discovering this old favorite!


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