We know all too well how hard it is to make friends when everyone has busy schedules, when you’re an introvert, when you move to a new city, and when you don’t have a place or connection that makes it easy. It stinks! Having mom friends is very important, so important that we’ve been working extra hard in 2018 to help foster friendships in the Quad Cities. One of the ways we’ve been working hard to do this is by starting an event intended just for making new friends called “Speed Dating for Moms Friends” and we want to personally invite YOU! 

We reached out to a few local moms that came to the last event and asked them to share what they thought of it. Here’s what they had to say!

“I’m not a shy person and meeting new people is one of my favorite pastimes but there is something about making new Mom friends that is scary. I attended the first moms speed dating event and I didn’t really know what to expect. I didn’t have high expectations that I would make a life long friend, I was just excited for a night of socializing. I arrived and immediately met Brooke while we were mingling. We hit it off right away but had to end our chat to start the event. I had a great time talking and meeting other moms, and Brooke and I have remained friends and talk almost daily and get together every few weeks!” – Ashlee Bell


“I was so excited when I heard about the last mamas speed dating event. I enjoy meeting new people but walking into a social event filled with strangers is overwhelming for this introvert. I loved the concept and how everything was organized. It took off the pressure and stress of having to walk up to strangers and create small talk. It was such a fun night and I made a couple fantastic new connections and I’ve even had the opportunity to have a glass of wine a couple times with a new friend.” – Michelle Crawford


“I was excited to do the speed dating event. I knew that there was a structure to it and I thought it would be fun to get to know several different people in an evening. I saw people that I knew at the event and many that I had never met. Several of us formed a FB Group after the event and we went out for pizza one night and laughed so hard and had a great time. Several girls also went to a movie together. It was a great way to stretch yourself and widen your network. I even had a play date with a brand new friend and got to see her chickens. It was a great time and I would recommend it for introverts and extroverts alike.” – Mindy Hochgesang

“I am so glad I went to this event! Along with being a fun night away from home, it sparked so many new friendships and gave me the chance to meet other moms I may have never gotten to otherwise! Since the event some of the ladies & I have had playdates after and gotten to know each other even better. I’m really looking forward to the next one!” – Angela Blair


Maybe YOU can be the next Momma that we ask to share how this has helped you in your search for friends! Please join us on Monday, August 13 from 5-8 (5-6 is for food, talking, and picking flowers – 6-8 is for speed dating) and let us help you create new connections and build mom-friend relationships!

You can get your tickets here or use the ticket box below (2 ticket options)!

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