The last day of my 20’s came and went without the fanfare for which I had hoped. In my mind, I pictured the last day of 29 filled with barista-made coffee, binge-browsing Barnes & Noble, a good run, maybe a mommy and me pedicure with my teeny human, finished out by a Mexican Pizza from Taco Bell at midnight (my favorite 20’s tradition). Instead, teeny human got an ear infection so we spent the morning drowning in whining, trying to preserve our ever-loving sanity. The afternoon featured a fabulous trip to the pediatrician (sorry Dr. Chickris for the dripping sarcasm- I think you’re great), topped off with an HOUR at Walgreens. The Hubby had a Bible study (a noble reason to miss the last day of his beloved’s 20’s, for sure) so mommy was left to fight the hour and a half sick-child-bedtime-battle solo. After having a mini breakdown, Hubs used his we’ve-been-married-long-enough-to-know spidey senses and made chocolate chip cookies while I watched 13 Going on 30. He’s a gem, folks.

After the movie, I went to bed with a stomach-ache from too much dairy and a headache from watching the movie in a funny position. I tried to read some Scripture to calm my 30’s anxiety and fell asleep in the middle. My husband woke me up at midnight and said, with what can only be described as glee, “It’s your birthday! You’re 30!” God help me. I did not share his joy.

I took stock of Lauren at bedtime in her 30’s: 2 Tums for nausea, 1 Aleve and some Biofreeze for neck pain, anti-wrinkle cream because my skin is betraying me, my hair wrapped so I can get ready in 10 minutes instead of 20, and a Breathe Right strip because my nose is also betraying me. Man, things have changed.

While it is embarrassing to admit I had a mini breakdown, it’s real life. Super honesty time, the number was a little freaky. When I got to thinking about how it’s probably a third of my life gone and the last third isn’t executed at full force anyways, yada yada, it was not a happy rabbit hole to fall into. But at that Alice in Wonderland moment, I think I was more stressed about where I felt like I was in life than the actual number. There are some major things I’d hoped I’d have done by the time I was 30. Heart dreams kinda’ things. A house full of kiddos, a career I’m passionate about (or a passion for staying at home…currently I feel a bit stuck in the middle), a body that felt strong and healthy, for the love of pete a routine…the list goes on.

My husband is, as mentioned, a gem and was doing his best to rally the sanity troops for me but it was my daughter that got the first chuckle out of Emo Mom. She leaned over the back of the couch, mid mommy sob, a big effort for her 3 foot self, and said “Mommy, 30 is just the how many years old you are turning! *Makes goofy face* Are you happy now that I’m being silly?”

Oh look, my heart is a puddle on the floor.

She is so right. 30 is just the how many years old I am turning (Love the 3 year old grammar stylings). My husband told me his prayer for me has been that the first year of my 30’s will be my best year EVER. EVER, folks. What an incredible thought: any year can be our best year ever. And it’s not a foreign concept. There are plenty of folks who’ve had amazing 20’s and even more who’ve had amazing 30’s.

Here are a few rockstar women who did stellar things in their 30’s and beyond:

Kerry Washington: What. A. Stud. This shooting star landed her big leading role on Scandal at 35.

Kathryn Bigelow: Kathryn who? You may not recognize her name, but at 57 homegirl landed Academy Awards for Best Picture and Best Director for her brilliant direction of The Hurt Locker.

Julia Child: This gives me serious hope and joy. The grand duchess of cooking DID NOT LEARN TO COOK UNTIL SHE WAS 36. I think I hear my husband humming the Rocky theme song… Eye on the prize, ladies. We can be WHATEVER we want, WHENEVER we want.


Whatever year you find yourself in now, I also pray, like my super duper husband, that yours is your best ever.



Talk to me! What post-30 women inspire you? Maybe it’s a mirror! Tell us all the GORG things you’ve accomplished after crossing the tri-decade milestone!



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  1. Simara Blair August 3, 2018 at 12:57 pm #

    Talk.about.it. Turning 30 was pretty anticlimactic for me as well… I had a small gathering at the house with some friends. It was cool but not the glamorous farewell to my 20’s I had hoped for. Nonetheless life goes on and I expect for my 30s to be exceptional! I want this decade to be about self love, aunthenticity, and courage! Here’s to our best year🥂

  2. Dana Collum August 3, 2018 at 1:54 pm #

    I think I was in my mid to late thirties before I began to get an idea of what I want d to do in life. I thought I knew, but I didn’t. Then as the forties progressed I felt even more settled and content with myself. The late forties and fifties have been good. Life is funny…not ever what we plan and think it will be, but usually better! Thankfully God has more in store for us that is better than we can imagine!

  3. Rachel August 6, 2018 at 3:35 pm #

    Your post was published ON my birthday, which is getting ever harder each year as I creep closer to my 50s! All I could think was “30s, oh how I would love to be back there”. And it hit me, that I am also blessed and I’m sure my parents are thinking “48, wish I could bring it back!”. So I am trying to embrace where I am, and enjoy the moments. I really do enjoy the wisdom and life experience that comes with your 30s and 40s, I just wish it didn’t come with wrinkles and backaches. I hope this year is amazing for you, and what a sweet husband too. Enjoy those 30s!

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