Our primary goal in creating the Quad City Moms Blog was to connect moms online, as well as offline through play dates and our events. We know that being a mom is the most rewarding job we can do, but it’s also the hardest. We all need some support now and then from others who know just what we are going through! We’ve loved doing this through our larger events, but this year we are also looking to incorporate some more intimate ways for moms to connect with one another.

Have you wanted to stroll your Eldridge neighborhood, but wished you had a mom pal to tag along with you?

Are you looking for more play dates in Davenport, Rock Island mom and baby coffee dates, or a way to connect with the mom and kids next door in Bettendorf?

Are you new to the Moline area and looking for recommendations from other moms like you about where to dine out with kids, or who is the best area pediatrician or orthodontist?

Our hope is that the Neighborhood Groups will help facilitate play dates, mommy meet ups, learn more about your specific neighborhood or simply post a question to a group of moms. Whether you’re a new mom, new to the city, or just want to meet new friends, Neighborhood Groups will be the perfect way to connect with moms in your area.

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We have the overarching Quad City Moms Blog Connecting group. All Quad City moms will want to join this one! This will be a jumping off point for the neighborhood groups to bloom. It will also hopefully be a clearing house to answer those questions, and meet other QC Moms. Then you can get together at one of our events, or create one of your own!

We would love to assign at least one leader for each area to help with coordinating these gatherings, because YOU know your neighborhood best! If you are interested in volunteering to be your neighborhood Mombassador, please email [email protected] You can also simply fill out this application and get started in the process of becoming a Quad City Moms Blog Mombassador!

We plan to add groups depending on demand and people willing to take the lead in their area! We have an older post about other ways to find your village in the Quad Cities, but now we are starting our own villages! Come join us!

Bettendorf Moms Connecting
Davenport Moms Connecting
East Moline Area Moms Connecting
Moline Moms Connecting
North Scott Moms Connecting
Pleasant Valley Area Moms Connecting
Quad City Moms Connecting
Rock Island Moms Connecting
West Davenport Area Moms Connecting

We hope this will be an excellent chance for you and your kids to make some new friends and connections in our community! In order to stay up-to-date on ALL the connection opportunities Quad City Moms Blog offers, make sure to subscribe to receive our blog posts by email, “like” and follow our Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter (@QCMomsBlog) ,Instagram (@QCMomsBlog), and Pinterest!

We look forward to hearing from you!!

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