After reading about the Amazon forest ferocious deforestation, the Siberian forest on fire, the melting of the Permafrost, the isles of plastic in the oceans , I am having trouble falling asleep.  I start thinking of my four little ones and of the probability that  they will have to face a future with a half deserted planet, where water supply will be a luxury for the wealthier, and where most of the flora and fauna are extinct.

I asked to myself: Do I really want to live my life providing what is necessary TODAY for my kids, but being blind about their real TOMORROW?

Let’s not be naive, the climate change and pollution problems are real: they are not a problem they will have to deal with in a thousand years, but a reality that we are starting to face directly.  Our kids will face these situations wholly and inevitably in a few years. Even though media wants us to believe they are just the fuss of a spoiled teenager on the Asperger spectrum – for more about Greta Thunberg click here,I think change is necessary now.

When people ask me what am I doing to fight the environment poisoning, I humbly start listing the small changes I’ve tried to practice in my family daily life. Humble small changes that hopefully would make a difference, at least in teaching my kids on living more “environmentally friendly” and raise awareness to those friends and acquaintances that still haven’t their eyes opened on the climate issues.   In other words, even if I am not “environmentally sins free” here the list of my small (but impacting) way to try to be more environmentally friendly:

1) Say no to plastic at the grocery store: do you know that in Europe they don’t give away plastic bags, not even for carrying fruits and vegetables? I go to the groceries store with big totes, and when at shops they offer me plastic bags, I refuse them.

2) Return your soda bottles and cans. It’s not only about the 5 cent deposit you can gain by giving back empty soda cans and glass bottles. It’s especially because that way you make sure that plastic will be recycle.  My girls love helping me collecting cans and bottles, also because they know I will let them keep the change.

My four year old preserving the environment by refilling water tanks3) And how about empty plastic  water bottles? Since they don’t accept those for the “deposit back” program, I’ve just stopped buying it, and instead I buy big water tanks that can be refilled. Again, my girls love coming with me and helping me refilling the tanks. 

4) More about plastic: as I started as a vendor at the Freight House Farmers Market, I decided to set my booth ‘Plastic free”: for those that like to buy local, please, make sure to refuse plastic bags and container! Where’s the point on trying eating healthy and natural food, if we poison the environment with plastic!

5) Our family agreed to adjust the thermostat on a reasonable temperature. Do we really need to wear a sweater indoors in summer and a swim suit in the winter? 

6) We agreed to stop buying useless plastic trinkets: how many times I walked through the dollar store and got temped to buy one dollar useless but cute plastic s*** to please my daughters? Those apparently innocent trinkets are not recyclable, and we don’t need them. Our kids should know this. We may have a less polluted environment, and a probably less messy house.

7) Make a better use of paper. The waste of paper obviously impact our environment, that’s why at my house we try to use both sides of a paper sheet when we color, do projects and stuff. We save cardboard and eggs container. A small change, for the better.

8) This one is so basic that anybody knows it: we refuse straws at restaurants. Let’s start drinking in the good old way!

9) I realized I really don’t need to change my baby’s diaper when it’s not completely wet. 600 years before a diaper decompose and all the other issues diapers create to the environment are listed here. I guess it’s wiser to wait to change a diaper only when it has really done its job! I admit, I have never been so brave to use reusable diapers, but for sure this last, would be the best choice a parent could make for the future of our planet. And on my side, I will start potty training my 17 months old asap!

10) I am thinking about starting to use “period cups“. It seems they are much better for our health, and definitely an innovation that strongly  impacts the preservation of our environment. I learnt a lot reading this article and I am determined to give it a try. 

fight pollutions by picking up litter during a hike at the park11) Every time we go for a walk, we bring along gloves and bags, and clean up the litter we find around. Small things, for a better world.

12) My girls and I have decided to plant a few trees next spring. A small thing, for the change.

13) And if you can’t plant trees, there is a new search engine that plants a tree every 45 searches you perform through it. It’s called ECOSIA I’ve made searches and it seems absolutely reliable. Easy right? Use it and spread the word.

14)  I’ve stopped lining up at school drop off/pick up. I park. Turn the car off, and walk to drop off/pick up my girls. Less carbon dioxide emitted twice a day.   

15) I am dreaming (and planning) to buy an electric or at least “hybrid” vehicle. At the moment it’s not possible in our household, but soon, hopefully, my dream will become true.  

 I cannot believe we have to accept what’s happening to our mother earth just because it seems that small habits changes won’t save us from the course of the events. I DON’T WANT TO BELIEVE SO! I think that if all of us became a little more aware, and honest with ourselves, we truly can change our life style in a more sustainable way, in a way that today seems hard to cope with, but that will give us the serenity to have fought not only to make it through each day “today”, but also have cooperated to make our kids future safer and possible.

I am dying to know what else I could do to be more environment friendly… please, leave a comment and share with us what your family and you do on a daily basis to overcome the climate change!

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