Joy Pockets:: The Podcast– Episode 1: About the Enneagram

Joy Pockets:: The Podcast

Discussing the Enneagram on this, our premiere podcast episode, you’re introduced to Jessica and Aviana. As a Type 4 daughter and a Type 7 mama, you get very different perspectives! We delve into all the Enneagram types though our own lenses. Every week on our podcast, we discuss meaningful quotes, what we’re reading, the highs and lows of our weeks, and of course, seeing the silver linings through it all. 

Discussing life in a large busy family, mother and daughter duo Jessica and Aviana strive to savor silver linings. Aviana, a home educated teen cellist, and Jessica, home schooling mother of six and work-at-home owner of the Quad City Moms Blog, invite you join them on the couch, put your feet on the faded furniture, and listen in on their conversations.

Experience the ups and downs of living life together from contrasting perspectives, the best and worst of teenager-ing and mothering, and most of all, searching out the pockets of joy which can always be found in the chaos.

What is the Enneagram?

Essentially, it’s a personality test. It’s more than that though, because “typing” yourself and others can help you to lead your very best life! Typing my children (although you really should wait until they are old enough to type themselves!) has assisted me incredibly in understanding why they react to things the way they do. On the podcast, we talk about how it helps us understand each other’s perspectives more.

Each basic personality is your type. They are numbered 1-9. No one personality is better than another. You are born with a certain temperament, born with a dominant type and then your childhood and how you interact with the world molds you further. Your type does change the way you interact with the world.
If you have ever been around more than one child, I’m sure you’ve noticed that they are innately different. Even children growing up in the same household, or children born from the same womb at the same time will have distinctly different personalities. The Enneagram helps you help them to be their best self too.
On Episode 1 of our podcast, Joy Pockets, we touch on each of the nine types.

For more details, check out this intro to the enneagram post on the Quad City Moms Blog and the Instagram feeds of @enneagramandcoffee (and also a podcast) @myenneagramcoach @enneagramvibes.

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