5 Reasons Why New Year’s Eve is a Holiday I Would Skip if I Could

Skipping Christmas' coverI have just finished reading “Skipping Christmas“, by John Grisham, and – avoiding spoiling the story for you if you haven’t read it yet – I have to say that it gave me the inspiration on thinking “which holiday would I skip, if I could?” New Years Eve is just few days away, and I have to say that it is a holiday I would definitely skip if I could, or at least I would like to stop considering it a holiday!

Do you want to know my reasons?

  1. New Year’s Eve is that night of the year where you are supposed to have fun. Better if I say you must have fun. Everybody expects you to have fun because it’s the last day of the year! Ughh.. most of the time, when expectations are high, delusions immediately follow. That is what I can remember of most the New Years’ Eves I’ve celebrated in my adult life. 
  2. At New Years Eve you are supposed to dress up and eat fancy. Maybe this is part of reason number one, and maybe it’s just an “European thing”, but I tell you, in Italy on New Year’s Eve you are expected to go to a fancy party and dress like a Victoria Secret’s model because, you know, in Italy if you want the New Year to be a lucky one you need to wear something red.
  3. You have to stay up until past midnight. Really? I can barely make it until 9.30 on my best nights!
  4. The Worst: you have to stay awake until past midnight with the kids and play board games, card game, and more games…
  5. This one is the last one, but one of the most important: by New Year’s Eve night, you’re expected to have a New Year’s Resolution. It may be losing weight, or spending less time on electronics, or less time on Social media, or to exercise more or to spend more quality time with the kids, or read more, watch less Netflix, enjoy yourself more. The societal expectations are exhausting: what did I forget?

This year, dear friends, I would gladly skip New Year’s Eve, but since I can’t skip it completely, this is my plan:

1) I’ll pick the best location ever to celebrate: my home.

2) I will for sure have fun because I will invite only close friends that possibly have kids the same ages as mine so they can eventually entertain themselves together, and we will do the count down to 2020 approximately around 9.30.

3) The dress code for the night will be: anything but avoid your PJs please.

4) My New Year Resolution will be “No New Year’s Resolution“. Every day I will try my best, for me, for my marriage, for my children, for my community. Some days I will mess it up, and it will be ok.

5)  I don’t know yet what our dinner menu will be, but I know for sure my husband will ask me to make his favorite fancy “scallops in the shell“, which are really very scenic and absolutely simple to make. and that I will  finish the meal with my famous “Irish Coffee” (Wait, what? Yes, Italians make Irish Coffee!) just to make sure we will be asleep at 10 pm sharp (LOL).

Anything else, will be completely random and not planned. And it will be fun!

And you ? Which holiday would you skip, if you could, and why?


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