3 Cool Things About our Family of 3

Meet my cool family of three: Brittany, Jacques, and Joshua. 

In the fall of 2003, I left for college which is where I met Jacques- at the University of Northern Iowa. We got married in 2007, and it was just the two of us for a while. Then one day, after having stomach pains, I found out we were expecting our first child! I was nervous, terrified and so afraid.  What the heck you do when you become responsible for another little human being? I was so afraid that I wouldn’t know how much to feed the baby or how to change a diaper.  I picked up as many books as I could find on parenting, but I was still nervous.

While I was pregnant, I found out that the initial pain that sent me to the emergency room was from gallstones, but the doctor also discovered I had preeclampsia as well. If it wasn’t for the amazing Dr. Yates and God, we wouldn’t be here today. During my last trimester, he made sure I was in his office 3 times a week. On May 7th, I was  38 weeks along, and that day I was induced.  My blood pressure shot up, and a few hours later after an emergency c-section, a healthy Joshua James was born. Now our bouncing baby is an energetic 7-year-old who is almost as tall as me and loves Minecraft, YouTube, Netflix, superheroes and Legos.

Our family has quite a story to how we began, and here are 3 things that I think are pretty cool about our family of 3:

  1. Once Joshua finds a movie or a show he likes, he watches it over and over. Sometimes he watches the entire movie or show and other times he just rewinds to his favorite part. The joy of being a family of 3 is that we usually watch a movie the first time together and then can split up the togetherness when he watches it again. It helps keep our sanity when Jacques and I alternate. For instance, I’ve seen Kung Fu Panda III, The Power Rangers, and Boss babies 1.2 million times each. (You know that you’ve seen a movie too much when you have nightmares of the Power Ranger theme song.). So I’m grateful for the times that hubby gets to watch those with him instead of me. 
  2. Joshua wants to be an engineer like daddy, own a business like mommy, become an architect, be the boss at Balance Autism and build houses, so our family of 3 makes it easier to save for college so that he can do whatever his heart desires.
  3. With one child, a billion toys that we can not purge of any old ones (because they are all his favorite) can still work for us. Joshua has toy boxes in every room of the house, so if we had any more kids, we would need a she-shed just for toys! As we go into the new year we are working on the hard task of decluttering toys. The soft squishy cars from when he was 3 need to find a new home. (Tune in next month for my article on de-cluttering the toys.)


I am so happy and blessed for each day that we get to share as a family. Joshua is unique, incredible-and a handful.  Having my husband here as we navigate through being a family of a child with special needs is so wonderful and helpful.  Jacques, Joshua and me- we are perfect with the just the 3 of us. What is a cool thing about your family?


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