To say I’ve learned a lot in the past few weeks of sheltering in place is an understatement, but here are a few of my favorites.

Our family of 6 cannot shower all in a row.
Apparently we had never tried this before. No longer a choice.

It’s fun to wear socks. 
Also, I need socks that are more fun.
Please comment the best way to get clever, creative, comfortable socks delivered.

photo of socks with bicycles on it

My husband has great socks. Why don’t I?

The person who plans the school hot lunch menu is my new hero.
I can’t seem to figure out how to offer more than 4 lunch options: chicken nuggets, pbj, quesadilla, or leftovers they didn’t really like the first time around.

I love my kids. So. Much.
I also want to lock myself in a closet with wine and a blankie. By. My. Self.

I’m thankful there is not a chicken nugget shortage.
I might fight to the death for chicken nuggets at this point. I’d definitely be a star in one of those Walmart Facebook videos.

Books are truly my lifeline to sanity.
My older Kids That Love To Read have spent time doing so independently. And, like the Robert Frost poem: That has made all the difference. For the younger boys, the people reading books online have given me a moment’s break when I needed it most. My own audiobooks and romance novels allow me to escape if only for a little while. I listened to The Witness, a romantic suspense novel, by Nora Roberts. Highly recommend.

Boy watching a tablet

Bennett’s amazing kindergarten teacher, Ms. Krone, reading We Don’t Eat Our Classmates.

My mom village is as important as ever.
Laughter, tears, memes and fears. Conversations with my best ladies just got more real.

I do not miss the school drop off line.
Dropping the kids off, yes. The stress of other parents’ complete lack of ability to follow the drop off line plan and the resulting barely contained rage, no.

My kids still need lots of hugs.
Because we aren’t leaving each other, there isn’t a natural “time for hugging” for my bigger kids these days. They aren’t going to school, bedtime is a little squishy, and I haven’t missed them while they were at Grandma’s.

But boy do they sink into the hugs when I wrap my arms around them. In fact, I think we need more hugs now than ever. And by we, I mean me, too.

Family of 6 hugging on the couch

This amazing photo is from Shelby Resler Photography. She takes photos that capture the “in between.”


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