Relationships: Have we learned?

What is it about a pandemic that causes us to take stock of a few things? For many of us, we’ve used this time to both mourn the loss of relationship as well as crave its return. In pre-COVID life, we didn’t think twice about what we were neglecting because life moved way too fast to really think about anything. We know many things to be true now and one of them is that it was never wise to de-value relationships, because that meant we were de-valuing people. It also meant we were isolating ourselves from community before mandatory isolation was an order. But we did it. We did it a lot. 

Why? For some of us, it was out of crazy schedules. For others, out of preference and for some out of building cliques. Whatever the reasons, we were good at living parallel lives with those in our environments—not REALLY engaging. Not really making time for meaningful relationships. Not in the way we crave to do right now. But now that we can’t, we realize what we wasted. Before life got flipped, turned upside down.

I’ve been asked multiple times, as a therapist, if I think COVID will bring anything good. I think it has brought family time back into focus. It has brought a slower pace of life. A focus on what is truly essential. Chances to celebrate everyday heroes. And when the time comes, it will bring friend/community/faith family relationship time back to our physical reality. Do you think we’ll soak it in? I hope we do. I hope we cherish all the new-old gifts of moments together for a long time. I hope relationships move to the top of the priority list.

When all goes back to normal, I hope valuing relationships is still normal.

Best Friends


How has your life changed since COVID-19? 

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Mindfulness in relationships can have a lasting impact, during a pandemic and beyond!

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