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This post was republished with permission from Ally’s Sweet and Savory.  These Soft Gingerbread Maple Cookies will certainly kick off the holidays.  They taste like a true gingerbread cookie, yet a bit lighter and with a hint of maple.  A definite must on your holiday baking list. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. […]

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2 Week Meal Plan

2 week meal plan {plus FREE printables}

If I’ve been asked once I’ve been asked a million times.  Do you meal plan?  How do you grocery shop?  Is there a plan I can follow on your blog? Well, yes.  I do meal plan, but I’m not strict about it.  Too many rules makes me just want to break them, you know?  So […]

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pregnancy update: Ally

Hey readers!  I’m Ally and I blog over at Ally’s Sweet & Savory Eats.  We gave you a very brief update on my pregnancy in the early stages this past fall, but now I am heading into the last trimester – so another update is needed! Currently, I am 32 weeks pregnant with a GIRL!  […]

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10 easy holiday recipes

The holidays are now upon us!  Just a short time until Thanksgiving, with Christmas right around the corner.  It is now definitely that time of year.  The time where the weather gets colder, the days get shorter and our meals get a little heartier. My blog is coming up on its 4 year anniversary {4 […]

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Garden Produce….Overwhelmed?

Lets talk gardens.  They can be fun.  They can be intimidating.  They can be overwhelming.  They can be an utter disappointment.  They can be a huge joy. Get it?  They can be a lot of things. If you have a garden or know someone who has a summer garden, then you know some years can […]

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taking advantage of your slow cooker during the summer

It’s July.  It’s hot.  The very last thing we want to do is turn on the oven and “bake” dinner.  So often we think of our slow cooker as a winter kitchen appliance.  Simmering hot soups, homemade apple cider, hot cheesy dips to entertain with…..but are you using it to its fullest in the summer? […]

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pepperoni pizza bites

3 simple, quick and easy-to-prep freezer meals

I don’t know about you, but lately I am all about using my freezer.  Not just the freezer attached to my fridge, but our big deep freeze kept in our laundry room.  It’s like I want to stuff it with as many meals as possible just in case I come down with the plague and […]

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blt guac

B.L.T. Guacamole

Spring is here {although, us Iowans may beg to differ}, so that means fresh, light and easy to prepare dishes are headed to the table….at least in my family.  Warm weather tends to get us outside, firing up the grill and not making such heavy-laden dishes like soup, casseroles and stews. It also is a […]

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mom’s meatloaf burgers

It is almost burger season, folks.  Almost.  Our grills will need to get dusted off soon {unless you are one of those year around grillers} so that we can all indulge in a good old American burger.  I am pretty sure people around the world answer “burgers”, when asked, “What is American food?”  I mean, […]

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granola bars 02

Homemade Peanut Butter Granola Bars

Food is always a topic of conversation at our house.  A typical day in the life of a mom is: make breakfast, clean up after breakfast, prep lunch, serve lunch, clean up after lunch, find a snack, serve the snack, clean up after the snack, make dinner, serve dinner, clean up after dinner….oh, and sometimes […]

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lazy day {slow cooker} meatballs

In our house, we have found that our kids will eat almost anything that is in a fun shape or can be used as a “dipper”.  And by dipper, I mean dunking something in a sauce {ketchup, ranch, applesauce, mustard, etc.}  Kids find that fun and entertaining, and well maybe us adults do too! Meatballs […]

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raspberry thumbprint drops

Most of us are up to our ears in holiday cookies this time of year and I love it!  I am not ashamed to say that I enjoy a sweet treat after EVERY meal.  It is just who I am.  Just a little piece goes a long way with me. I recently got together with […]

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