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fair trade mommy moments

I had never heard of fair trade before my sister gave me a beautiful necklace for Christmas four years ago.  My sister’s gift began a continuing process of having my eyes opened to the meaning, variety, and implications of fair trade.  Fair trade is defined on as “a movement whose goal is to help […]

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how to talk to a homeschool mom

Moms, we are all in this together.  Every good parent wants the best for their child.  The best looks different for each family.  In the spirit of “Oh my goodness, I didn’t realize I was offending you!” I desire to share from my own experience and the experiences of other homeschooling mothers (special thanks to […]

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non-crazy couponing for the busy mom

Who likes to overpay for something?  Who likes walking out of a drugstore with one small bag of toiletries and being $35 poorer?  Who likes spending as much on diapers as you do on college tuition?  Anyone? Anyone?  No one.  Think this is just price you pay as a busy mother?  It doesn’t have to […]

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evolution of an exerciser

Confession time- I am a former gym membership dropout queen.  I have 10 workout DVD’s, only 2 of which I ever used.  I used to say the phrase, “I will only run if I am being chased by someone with a knife.” Guess what?  People change.  Who has two thumbs and works out 3-4 times […]

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let’s make mama some money

The time is finally upon us.  Spring?  No, yard sale season!  Clutter has been piling up all winter and it is time to get it out and MAKE MAMA SOME MONEY!  These are our years dear mothers, our time is now- to sell stuff that people actually want to buy at a yard sale.  Selling […]

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things I blame my third child for

Eli is my third child.  He was my only surprise pregnancy.  The first two were “planned” using forethought, timing, budgeting, and ovulation prediction kits.  I found out Eli was on the way after doing some quick math and finding a spare pregnancy test in an opened box in our bathroom closet.  I was so shocked […]

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how lice made me crazy

I am a survivor.  I have been to a dark place and have come back forever changed.  I write you now as a changed person.  I am no longer naïve to the ugliness and treachery that is lice.  Hello my name is Barbara, and I am a lice survivor.  The day started like any other […]

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