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home sweet home

When I left my job to stay at home full time with my daughter, I quickly realized one snag in my be-at-home-all-day-everyday plan: I didn’t really like being at home! Don’t get me wrong, I loved spending every day with my baby girl, watching her grow, learn and change, I just realized I preferred to […]

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all the balls we drop

Being a mom is like performing in a one-woman circus. On any given day, we’re taming lions, performing amazing feats of strength, acting as silly as a clown and balancing…well, pretty much everything. There’s entertainment, high drama and a little smoke and mirrors. It’s a surprise-a-minute kind of life. And, oh yeah! Everyone is watching […]

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colorful playtime pasta from an egg dye kit

Happy Spring! Happy Easter! I hope your plans for the weekend involve kids in bow ties and peach ruffles, candy before breakfast, and maybe some sort of brunch situation. I hope they don’t involve having to wear winter coats to church. We can dream, right? If your family is anything like mine, you probably have […]

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c is for cookie

Any given evening. My two year old sits at the table pushing uneaten food around her plate with a fork. Mom and dad exchange glances across the table. Yet another meal about to be tossed into the trash. “Is there something you would like to eat?” I ask her when she picks up her plate […]

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a little more conversation

Hey look! February! That means we’re one month closer to flip flop weather. Sigh… Oh, and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner too. I don’t know about you guys but I find all the pink and hearts and chocolate and flowers of Valentine’s Day completely irresistible. It’s such welcome cheer when it is still […]

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letters to my girl

I’m a firm believer there is no “wrong” time of the year to have a baby. Sure, a parent would probably prefer their baby not share a birthday with a day that’s already spoken for, like Christmas Day, but if they do, hey, what’s meant to be will be. It’s still exciting. It’s still a […]

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holiday gift guide: leo & lola

***GIVEAWAY CLOSED*** Our mission at Quad City Moms Blog is pretty simple – connect with local moms and the community. This holiday season, we want to take this a step further to really help you find the most amazing gifts – from amazing local businesses! For 18 days, we’ll be sharing our favorite items from […]

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no baby fever here…

“Are you ready for another?” The question fills the silent spaces at playgroups, grocery store checkouts and doctor’s offices. It throws you off because…um, mind your business, right? It feels a tiny bit invasive, but it’s a kind, genuine, innocent question. Maybe on that particular day (ahem, that particular second), those sweet cherubs are sitting […]

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food for friends

I’d like to think I’m good at a couple things. Quoting movies, singing a jazzy, off-key version of the ABCs for my almost two year old, eating dessert…you know, the real important stuff. One thing I’m not so great at is saying the right thing at the right time. I envy those who can speak […]

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