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tidy living room guide to minimalism for the busy mom

A Guide to Minimalism for the Busy Mom

 Minimalism for the Busy Mom Before kids I was pretty good about keeping tidy, and holding on only to what I really needed and storing away only a few sentimental items. Then I became a mother and along with my mama bear instinct came the impulse to keep everything.  Oh look… their first shoes… their first […]

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running is my secret weapon

Running is my Secret Weapon

Running is my secret weapon. And it can be yours, too. No really, let me explain.  My Super Secret Weapon to Being the Best Mom I Can Be Danielle Hines   First off, before you decide that running isn’t “your thing” or you’re not a “runner”, I’m here to tell you that no matter your fitness […]

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breast thermogram thermography

Radiation Free Breast Cancer Detection: The thermogram

Dr. Nelson from Nelson Chiropractic and Dr. Miletich from Peace of Mind Thermography share what you need to know about getting a thermogram.  Thermography, a radiation-free screening procedure that uses heat detection to locate areas of temperature differences in the body, and is 97% accurate. It has been used for breast cancer detection for the last 63 years. […]

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travel the world with kids

Himalayas Calling: Travel with Kids

The Himalayas called my name, and we answered. We have to explore new cultures, and we have children. We travel with kids. How does a Quad Cities mom end up in India and Nepal with her husband and two toddlers? by Miranda Mendoza For this, we must first travel back in time. In 2010, I […]

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love language child kids acts of service quality time


Did you know our children experience love in different ways? We refer to these differences as a love language. Our children usually have one or two primary ways of feeling and expressing love, and if we have more than one child, it can be different between our children. Our own love language can even be […]

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autumn flowers fall photos photographer

Fall Traditions to Start with your Family

With the vibrant colored leaves, chilly morning air, and sound and smell of crackling fire pits – what’s not to love about fall? Celebrate this spectacular season by starting a new fall tradition with your family. Here are a few ideas to get you started! by Amy Martens Visit a pumpkin patch Our kids have […]

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special needs parenting


“God only gives special kids to special parents!” Nah. I promise that’s not true. I’m a super regular mom, with a super regular set of mom-skills. And three really cool kids. One of them happens to have ‘special needs’. And navigating that…is hard. Parenting is hard, parenting special needs kids is leveling up. Because each […]

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