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if my husband blogged

The following is an actual conversation between me and my husband: Chris: What are you doing? Me: Trying to write my blog for September. It was due yesterday, so I need to get it done. Chris: How very responsible of you. Me: I can’t figure out what to write about though. Chris: You don’t want […]

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breaking up with food

I love food. Grilled food, fast food, fried food, Italian food, food on a stick, food in a carton, food on a plate, food from a greasy bag in the front seat of my car. I have very few vices; I don’t smoke, I don’t do drugs, and I rarely drink. But I love food…….I […]

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life in the red lane

While perusing the depths of the internet a few weeks ago, I found an article titled “13 Things You Should Know Before Dating a Redhead.” I was distracting myself from writing last month’s post enumerating upon my father’s death, because, emotions, yuck. Tackling this seemed like a better option.  As a natural redhead, I always […]

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a letter to my dead father

Dear Dad, As Father’s Day approaches, I find myself thinking of you more.  The realization that this is the 29th Father’s Day I’ve spent without you leaves me melancholy.  People say that time heals, but I find it harder as the years pass to properly contain my grief.  You were my age when you died.  […]

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10 things motherhood ruined for me

Now that the you are done basking in the warm glow of Mother’s Day, and you’re back to real life, let’s be honest with one another.  Sometimes motherhood sucks.  There aren’t any books or any advice that can fully prepare you for the changes you make in your life once you become a mother.  I […]

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made you feel

dear tsa agent

Dear TSA Agent, I am sure that you screen hundreds of people every day, and you probably don’t remember me or my family, but I remember you.  I remember people who make me cry. It was my family’s first vacation together, and my children’s first time on a plane.  At the time, they were 7 […]

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a mom’s guide to smartphones

Smartphones are everywhere, and as the functionality advances, so must user knowledge. Many people don’t consider themselves tech savvy, but still want to be able to use their phone daily. When I started in the cellular industry almost twelve years ago as a customer service representative, we had just received the first camera phone. Now, […]

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valentine’s schmalentine’s

When showing me the work schedule for February, my new boss pointed out that she had given me the evening off for Valentine’s Day so that I could “do something romantic with” my husband.  I laughed.  I tried to use the kids and decade long marriage as an excuse for not celebrating Valentines Day, but […]

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full house

The first time I answered the question, I was at a doctor’s appointment, my 7 months pregnant belly swollen with Patrick’s growth. It was a routine question, one I had answered when I was pregnant with Brady 18 months earlier. “Are you planning on having more children?” The answer the second time around was different. […]

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holiday gift guide: KEEP Collective

***GIVEAWAY CLOSED*** Our mission at Quad City Moms Blog is pretty simple – connect with local moms and the community. This holiday season, we want to take this a step further to really help you find the most amazing gifts – from amazing local businesses! For 18 days, we’ll be sharing our favorite items from […]

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disney magic

It took me 38 years to make it to Disney….the World, the Land, or the Cruise.  The closest I had ever been to Disney is when they had the Disney store at Northpark Mall.  I don’t remember having an overwhelming urge to go as a kid, and I don’t know if that’s because I didn’t, […]

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do you like scary movies?

It is October, the month that brings pumpkin spice everything, the changing of the leaves, and a tribute to all things scary.  Vampires, ghosts, and goblins line the aisles of the local stores and soon those spooks will be knocking on your door asking for candy.  It is the perfect time of year to grab […]

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