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Tiny carts-beware!

grocery shopping with kids

Grocery shopping with kids. Need I say more? Are you groaning with me?  I kinda forgot about it as I’ve done the bulk of my shopping while they were in school. Of course, its summer, and I naively took everyone with me to the store at 10:30ish a.m. Bad move. As soon as we hit […]

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I would classify myself as a worrier by nature. Add kids to the mix and I received my Master’s in Worry, Anxiety, and Fear. Do you have it too? I’m pretty sure they give all Moms’ and Dad’s the certificate when you leave the hospital. You sign all the forms, and instead of giving you […]

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show your appreciation

1,170 1,170 is the number of hours (approximately) our children spend with their teachers during a school year. That doesn’t even count the time spent preparing lessons, materials, research, conferences, grading papers..the list could go on and on. Teachers do a lot for our kids and I think they deserve some appreciation! May 6-10th is […]

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run for fun?

Do you love to run? Is it really fun for you? If it is-I envy you. I’ve always hated running.  All through school, every year, we ran the mile. They timed you, and for many of my peers I remember it being a competition-they were having fun. Me? I would try to blend in, jog […]

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Working moms-Stay at home moms-Back to College moms-
All supporting each other

moms: judgment free zone

What are you going to do when your kids are all in school? I was recently asked this question and I bristled inside, a myriad of thoughts going through my mind. I work very part time as it is right now (less than 10 hours a week) and love the flexibility the job gives me […]

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going solo

There are many times that I love to be alone. At night when I tuck my kids in bed, my husband is still at work and I get to pick up a book I’ve had to neglect all day because of you know-cooking, cleaning, being the mom taxi, etc. I relish the thought of curling […]

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toddlers to tweens

We have interesting days in our house lately, ah who am I kidding, with kids-life is always interesting. Jaden is three (turning four on December 11th) and is in the “I can do it” stage. Not only does he dress himself, he  picks out his own clothes. Having gone through this stage three other times, […]

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Parent Teacher Conferences

As a child those three words instilled fear. My parents are going to talk to my teacher, about me, and my schoolwork? I remember thinking how nice it would be on the other end-to be the parent-until now. October rolls around, the end of the first quarter is here and its conference time. I break […]

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