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Cheerleading Collage


Were you ever a cheerleader? Maybe you didn’t think your personality was perky enough for the job. Perhaps you tried out, but didn’t make the team. Or maybe like me, you couldn’t do a cartwheel to save your life. Regardless of your situation back then, if you’re a mom today, congratulations. You are now a […]

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Cardinals - me & girls 1

i could do without the drama

I’ll just say it. I love being a mom to girls. When they were younger I dressed them in sweet little outfits and put their hair in pigtails. I enjoyed shopping for babies and Barbies. I loved how white-haired ladies would smile and admire my girls. But every once in a while, something discouraging would […]

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real quad city moms-2

real moms of the quad cities: meet laura

Editor’s Note:  Here’s the next in our series celebrating Quad City moms like you. This week, we are sharing a peek into the lives and hearts of local moms. These moms have vastly different lives, experiences and challenges.  But they are also a powerful reminder that while while we have differences, we also have a lot in common. We are Real Moms of the […]

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Disney Collage

breaking up is hard to do

I recently heard another mom make an interesting observation. She said, “Becoming a mom feels like breaking up with yourself.” I found myself reflecting on that statement – and do you know what? In some ways I agree. No doubt motherhood changed me. Sometimes it did feel like a break-up. Like I was breaking up with the […]

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Bored Collage 1

let them be bored

Are your kids counting the days yet? Mine definitely are. Only seventeen more school days until summer vacation! We have so many plans for summer. Swimming. Playing volleyball. Softball games. Basketball camp. Our options seem endless. But past experience tells me there will come a point when I’ll hear those three dreaded words: “Moooooom, I’m […]

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Decisions Collage 2

decisions, decisions

What would you do in the following situation? Your daughter says her tummy hurts. It could be the flu – several kids in her class have been sick. Or it could be nerves. She’s been worrying about the spelling bee today. Would you send her to school or keep her home? How about this one? She […]

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Body Image

girls and body image: shaping her perspective regarding her shape

My nine-year-old kicked off her jeans and hurled them across the room. “I’m just fat!” What? Where did that come from? “Madison Grace, you are definitely not fat!” “Then why can’t I fit into those jeans? Emily and Taylor wore them when they were my age.” “Your body is different from Emily and Taylor’s.” “Right,” […]

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