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forever families

5 years ago, I became a mom.  I didn’t give birth, I didn’t have nine months of swollen feet, I just opened my arms and welcomed three precious children into my life. Like the birth of a child, the day one adopts is just as big of a deal.  It is life changing and completely […]

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Adie Court

a guide to the “we’re adopting!” conversation

So your friends tell you they’re adopting…now what?! What do you say?  What do you do? It’s kind of like having a baby, isn’t it?  But it’s pretty different, too…Quick…where’s that “How to” guide for those situations that you’re not exactly sure how to handle? Can’t seem to find your copy?  Here are some tips […]

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Pries Family

perfectly imperfect

He holds my cheeks in his tiny hands and pulls my face close to his.  “Mom, you are SO funny.”  He rubs my nose with his nose and then blows a raspberry on my cheek.  “I love you twenty thirteen….to infinity…and beyond!”  “I love you too, Asher…twenty thirteen…to infinity and beyond.”  This is just part […]

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deciding to adopt

Almost exactly 5 years ago today, my husband and I signed our names to the papers which put us on our adoption journey.  I had just gone through our second miscarriage followed by my second D&C.  I was completely devastated and going through a bit of depression, wondering what was wrong with me and questioning […]

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kay’s story: a birthmom’s journey

This post is written by my son’s birthmother.  Thank you for sharing your story, Kay! It’s not often that someone asks about my adoption story. As a matter of fact, hardly anyone does. You hear about the families who grow through adoption, and the lives that are touched by it. It’s not often you hear […]

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