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“God only gives special kids to special parents!” Nah. I promise that’s not true. I’m a super regular mom, with a super regular set of mom-skills. And three really cool kids. One of them happens to have ‘special needs’. And navigating that…is hard. Parenting is hard, parenting special needs kids is leveling up. Because each […]

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My family and I leave for DisneyWorld in 5 days, so a couple of months ago, we delved head first into potty training our autistic 11 year old. Again. We started down this road the first time 8 years ago, during the “normal” potty training age. It was wildly unsuccessful, even more than potty training […]

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A Letter to my Autistic Son

Dear Patrick, It’s late, and your father and I put you to bed long ago, but I still hear you cooing. You occasionally punctuate your sing song with a quick kick to the wall, as if to remind everyone that you are here and awake. I’m sure it actually serves a purpose in your search […]

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made you feel

dear tsa agent

Dear TSA Agent, I am sure that you screen hundreds of people every day, and you probably don’t remember me or my family, but I remember you.  I remember people who make me cry. It was my family’s first vacation together, and my children’s first time on a plane.  At the time, they were 7 […]

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how to talk to an autism mommy

You’ve seen them. They are ahead of you in line at the grocery store, standing next to you in the school parking lot waiting for their child; they are at the doctor’s office, next to you at church, and helping you at the cell phone store. “They” are parents of children with autism. With 1 […]

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different is good

Jen Hartmann is the race director and founder of the Royal Ball Run for Autism. She is mom to Lyric, 11, who was diagnosed on the spectrum at the age of 3. She and her husband Pat have become outspoken advocates to ensure children like Lyric find greater acceptance and understanding – and that families […]

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