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4 New Year Habits for A Neater Home1


Home is where the heart is.  But it’s also where everything else lives, too – the Legos, the art supplies, the overflowing drawer of sippy cups, and the piles of paperwork and mail.  In short, home may be where the heart is – but it can also feel downright messy and overwhelming.  But it’s a […]

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Mommy Hacks Blog Pic (1)


“How to clean without any effort.” “World’s easiest dinner recipe.” “Tricks to make toddlers fall asleep fast.”      That last one is my favorite. What do these all have in common? They’re all things I’ve googled. Things I’ve tried to “hack.” With New Year’s resolutions piling on my to-do list, life can seem extra […]

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Chores toddlers love


The Internet is packed with all the ways toddlers can be trying. We’ve heard about the “terrible twos” and how it can be even worse with “threenagers.” (And yes, that’s all true.) But you know what I’ve figured out? My toddler LOVES doing chores I hate. Which can be very handy for me. Because sometimes, I […]

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top 10 things in my van

No matter my attempts to keep my van clean-there are always 4 kids lugging things in and never out. As I was waiting for kids the other day (because the life of a mom requires driving your kids all over town and then waiting for them-can I get a fist bump?) my phone was dead […]

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have a seat

I’ve always been a fan of vintage and retro furniture as well as working with my hands, it’s a fun hobby my husband and I have in common. We’ve been holding on to an old set of 1980-something bar stools and figured with Spring arriving now is the perfect time to refinish the stools. We’ve never […]

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a lazy mom’s guide to a clean (enough) house

I’m convinced that cleaning schedules on Pinterest are designed to make me feel bad about the state of my house. I know I’m not the only mom who has hung a lovely little printable cleaning schedule on my fridge in a fit of delusion. These typically include crazy ideas like vacuuming every day. Or vacuuming any day. But […]

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time for an oil change

*I was not paid to write this blog, but am just sharing what works for my family regarding this product. Okay, so I am obviously not taking about cars on the blog today, but what I am talking about is Essential Oils. About 6 months ago, my mom introduced me to DoTerra Essential Oils. To […]

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keeping it together

I can’t be the only person who has children that love to draw, paint, use play dough, and any other kind of crafting project. I love that they enjoy this kind of thing because it is something that I also enjoy doing. I just don’t like cleaning up the mess and putting everything back where […]

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organize your life

I’m a creature of organization. In college, I was so organized that if I was in a class and the professor spoke too fast for me to keep my notes in a nice, neat organized form, I would spend hours re-copying the notes after class. Yep, I was THAT girl.  Fast forward 15 years and […]

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