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how our lives have changed since COVID-19 family looking off into the sunset

How Our Lives Have Changed Since COVID-19

When I was first asked to guest post on the QC Moms blog my first thought was, “What can I possibly say that hasn’t been said already?” While our family dynamic and the nature of my husband’s work in the medical field places us in a category of increased risk of COVID-19, we aren’t extremely […]

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We’re Starting a Book Club!

I had been thinking about starting a book club with our QC Moms and felt like now was the perfect opportunity to do just that. We all have tons of time on our hands, right? (ha ha ha ha ha) Every time I read an amazing book I want to immediately share it with everyone […]

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I’ve been the mama to a boy for 4 years this month, and to say that it has changed my life is an understatement.  Never have I loved and laughed this much.  And never have I discussed bodily functions so much in my life.  As a tribute to all the boy moms out there and […]

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Mom-to-mom a resource guide during covid 19

A Resource Guide for COVID-19

Without a doubt, it’s a disquieting time with the COVID-19 pandemic and the unsettling feeling of not knowing the future, of what will be the next update, what will be the next huge change to our lives.  Please know dear friends, we are in this together.  We are all feeling many of the same feelings, [...]
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Parents: Lower Your Bar

Hello accidental homeschoolers and suddenly workers-from-home! I have been working from home with kids and homeschooling by choice for a long time. I understand the worries. I get the fear. The panic. It isn’t easy. It’s especially not easy because suddenly you don’t have the choice. You’re forced into this position, and that makes things […]

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Family of 6 - parents and 4 boys looking at the horizon


The Coronavirus protocol and social distancing magnifies my parenting insecurities and frankly, I’m not doing well.  Instead of small challenges I balance each day, these feelings of failure and questions are blown up and boldly displayed like an old school overhead projector where no one is adjusting the dial. It’s all too big and too […]

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