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Celebrating Midwives: Angie’s Story

Angie.  My first two children (now 14 and 11 years old) were delivered by medical doctors. When I was pregnant with my third child in 2004, my Doctor was moving away and I started asking my friends who their Doctor’s were? My friend suggested her midwife, Rita Ledbetter. Of course one of my first questions was, does she deliver babies […]

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Celebrating Midwives: Who can use a Midwife?

Who can use a midwife? Certified Nurse Midwives offer care to women across the lifespan, from young girls having period problems, through that journey into motherhood, and beyond the childbearing years into menopause. When you decide to see a midwife, you can expect a extra special kind of care because they work hard to become […]

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Celebrating Midwives: How is a midwife different than an OB/GYN?

How is a midwife different than an OB/GYN? Primarily Midwives are different in their philosophy, focus, and training.  Midwives believe pregnancy and childbirth are a healthy and normal life experience for most women.  They focus on health promotion, spending time listening to their patients needs, and getting to know their patients stories so they can […]

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A lone Y chromosome …

We are eagerly awaiting the addition of our third child.  And not just our third child, our third GIRL.  We are thrilled that she’s a girl, were ecstatic to hear “what” she was at the ultrasound, and can’t wait to round out our family of 5 with another sister for our girls.  So, it has […]

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Get Involved with QCMB!

Calling all local moms!  We need your help!  We’ve partnered with WQAD to bring you 2 fun series for the month of October and November! Next week we’ll be celebrating our local Midwives and their hard work in our community! We’re looking for local moms who have used a midwife and would be willing to […]

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30 wks

Belly Series: 30 weeks

How far along are you? 31 weeks How are you feeling? Less great than I was at 20 🙂  My back hurts, my abs hurt, my sciatic nerve is acting up, etc.  Basically I’m in my third trimester with my third baby in three years.  To be expected. Do you know if it is a boy or […]

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Why Do I Feel This Way?

Why Do I Feel This Way?

After my daughter was born, I remember holding her in my arms and being overwhelmed by the feelings of love I had for her.  She was beautiful!  Fast forward 8 weeks and the story looked different. Something had changed.  I still loved this sweet baby girl, but I was sad, frustrated and feeling totally unlike […]

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