tidy living room guide to minimalism for the busy mom

A Guide to Minimalism for the Busy Mom

 Minimalism for the Busy Mom Before kids I was pretty good about keeping tidy, and holding on only to what I really needed and storing away only a few sentimental items. Then I became a mother and along with my mama bear instinct came the impulse to keep everything.  Oh look… their first shoes… their first […]

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celebrate every day popcorn in front of the fire cozy


A delightful way to easily create joyful days in your home is to frequently celebrate. We have a calendar which tells us the special day each day. Sometimes, it’s something like “Pet your Dragon Day”, or “Clean out Your Computer Day”, but often it’s something we can do to create special memories without any or […]

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mantras for moms mama mantras

Mama Mantras

The words you use when you’re talking to yourself can have a significant impact on your well-being. Too often we can be uncaring or even cruel to ourselves without even realizing it. Mantras for moms provide a way to focus on kindness and self-care.  I know I’ve caught myself questioning  “Am I a good mom?  […]

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