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A Letter to Parents from Teachers


Dear Parents, Please help us. The school year is winding down and we know that your kids (and you) get a little burned out on busy schedules and homework. The kids are getting a little squirrely as they count down the days to summer. These are the days we need your help the most, but […]

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the importance of showing up

School has officially started and many of us have gotten back into the routine that fall brings. Earlier wake ups, quick breakfasts, last-minute homework, and bus stops may now be part of your morning. You know that sending your kids to school prepared is important. Full bellies and backpacks. But in September, it’s a good time […]

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Homeschool Picture

how to talk to a homeschool mom

Moms, we are all in this together.  Every good parent wants the best for their child.  The best looks different for each family.  In the spirit of “Oh my goodness, I didn’t realize I was offending you!” I desire to share from my own experience and the experiences of other homeschooling mothers (special thanks to […]

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homework tips | ask the expert

If you are anything like us, you have burning questions that you want answered. That’s why we’re starting this new series – it’s a chance to get questions answered by local experts. Today, we’re turning to our friends at Rivermont Collegiate to answer one of our questions about something some parents dread … homework. And […]

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confessions of a homeschool rookie

  This year marks my second year of homeschooling.  I have one first grade boy, one kindergarten girl, and one crazy two year old who likes to take off with school supplies at random. Crazy toddler man gets shipped off to a Parent’s Day Out program two mornings each week for the sake of homeschool […]

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