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running is my secret weapon

Running is my Secret Weapon

Running is my secret weapon. And it can be yours, too. No really, let me explain.  My Super Secret Weapon to Being the Best Mom I Can Be Danielle Hines   First off, before you decide that running isn’t “your thing” or you’re not a “runner”, I’m here to tell you that no matter your fitness […]

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Sun's out


  “Sun’s out, fun’s out.” “Sun’s out, guns out.” “Sun’s out, buns out.” That last one sends shivers down my spine. Of all the places I want my buns, “out” is probably last on the list. Spring, and with it warm temperatures, brings revived commitments to health and wellness. Self included, most of us have […]

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mom tribe


Let’s be honest; making “mom friends” is hard. After you have kids, your life may revolve around your children, but it’s also important to create a network of your own. As they say, raising a child takes a village. (And so does keeping your sanity while potty training.) But if you are new to the area, […]

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Get healthy resolutions1

make those resolutions stick

I – along with the rest of America – began 2015 with the resolution to get healthier. This means I am getting my behind off the couch and to the gym. I started with gusto – and with a bit of trepidation. I’m very aware that most resolutions end in failure. So, here are a few steps I […]

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QC Barbell 2

holiday gift guide: QC Barbell

 ***GIVEAWAY ENDED*** Our mission at Quad City Moms Blog is pretty simple – connect with local moms and the community. This holiday season, we want to take this a step further to really help you find the most amazing gifts – from amazing local businesses! For 18 days, we’ll be sharing our favorite items from […]

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barbells aren’t just for boys

Women power lifters. Are you picturing a woman with bulging biceps, traps and quads? Push that out of your mind and let me show you regular women, who lift big weights, who look just like you! Erica Squat: 225 Dead lift: 210 Bench: 130 OH Press: 80 What did you think about lifting before you […]

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2014-05-26 16.35.37

evolution of an exerciser

Confession time- I am a former gym membership dropout queen.  I have 10 workout DVD’s, only 2 of which I ever used.  I used to say the phrase, “I will only run if I am being chased by someone with a knife.” Guess what?  People change.  Who has two thumbs and works out 3-4 times […]

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fitness picture scale

healthy new year?

New Year’s Resolution #1 – Eat Healthy (i.e. Lose Weight) New Year’s Resolution #2 – Exercise (i.e. Lose Weight) Half of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions, and almost 40 percent of those are related to weight loss. By the end of the year, only 8 percent of us will have actually succeeded in our weight […]

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Knocked-Up Fitness

Knocked-Up Fitness

Recently I was squeezing in a quick workout on the treadmill during my son’s nap and I started to reminisce about the days I had unlimited time to exercise.  I realized how prenatal workouts won’t be as easy the next time I am expecting.  When I was pregnant, I was working full-time, but my job […]

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