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No Apology Needed!


“I’m sorry.” These two words have been getting so much attention lately! From articles encouraging professional women to drop this phrase from their vocabulary to the title of Rachel Hollis’ book, the appropriate use of an apology is under scrutiny. When should we apologize? When should we not? And then there’s the whole discussion on […]

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making Date Night doable


  Despite what the title might seem to insinuate, Date Night over the 7 years of our marriage has come to signify so much more than romance. Maybe we’re just not great multi-taskers but it really does take some serious one on one time for these two crazies to connect. Without a regular date, our […]

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There’s a new phenom and the world is going crazy over it! By now we’ve heard the good, the bad, and the ugly about Pokemon Go, so I’m just going to simply lay out my family’s experience and perspective. How to Play: Download Pokemon Go from your play store on your Android or iOS device. […]

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disney magic

It took me 38 years to make it to Disney….the World, the Land, or the Cruise.  The closest I had ever been to Disney is when they had the Disney store at Northpark Mall.  I don’t remember having an overwhelming urge to go as a kid, and I don’t know if that’s because I didn’t, […]

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these summer days

Ah summer! I haven’t decided if we are just surviving summer or thriving, but I guess that’s determined on a day to day basis. We don’t have any trips planned this summer ( much to our dismay) and have been pretty caught up with running our small business. On one of our many trips from […]

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