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I gave up. I’m not one to ever encourage giving up or quitting. It honestly goes against ever I believe in. But this summer I gave up. I gave up a tidy house. I gave up on keeping up with laundry. I gave up on mealtimes. I gave up on any semblance of a bedtime […]

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4 Fun & Cheap Activities


Sometimes I just need something to keep my daughter entertained in her high chair while I get some tasks done. She can get pretty bored with just her regular ol’ toys, so I came up with a few things that are fun for her and also keep her attention for longer than 10 minutes. Most […]

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This summer, I’ve started eating differently. I call it eating REAL food. Others call it CLEAN eating. It’s cutting out all the processed junk. The white flour. The ingredients with names that even my advanced chemistry teacher couldn’t pronounce. And the sugar. Ohhhh that’s the hard one for me. I like sugar. It’s been a […]

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Bored Collage 1

let them be bored

Are your kids counting the days yet? Mine definitely are. Only seventeen more school days until summer vacation! We have so many plans for summer. Swimming. Playing volleyball. Softball games. Basketball camp. Our options seem endless. But past experience tells me there will come a point when I’ll hear those three dreaded words: “Moooooom, I’m […]

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Ice Cream

summer bucket lists

Summer break can be a busy time.  Even with no school and some parents off work, it seems there are lots of projects that can quickly fill your list up. Speaking of lists…you’ve all heard of bucket lists…but what about a “Summer Bucket List?”  I heard about other local moms doing this and thought “What […]

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River Bandits Kids Club

{kids club} membership has its perks

With only a few days before our awesome QCMB Family Night, we’re knee-deep in final preparations to make you and your family truly feel like VIPs! Our hosts for the night – the Quad City River Bandits –  make sure Kids Club members feel like VIPs all summer long. Did you know there’s a River Bandits […]

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Asher Chalk

springtime sun fun

The sun is out! The bulbs have begun sprouting! Is spring really here? As a mama who works a job outside of my home during the day, our evening hours and weekends are filled with getting as much play in as possible (because honestly, the laundry is never going to be done anyway, so why […]

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