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Buying gifts can be tricky.  It gets even trickier when you are buying for a kiddo that has special needs.  As a parent, or even a family member, you want to buy the child age appropriate gifts, but what if they are behind their peers developmentally or they just don’t like the toys that other […]

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thank you notes for kids free printable qc moms blog

Christmas thank you notes for kids | free printable

Hoping your holidays were very merry and full of lots of magic with those who matter most! I’m a bit of a stickler for the thank-you note. So, as my little guy grows up, I want him to get comfortable sending thank you notes. This takes a little practice, but I think it’s something that […]

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last minute diy gifts

So, we’ve come down to one more shopping day before the stores close, Amazon can no longer ship in time, and Santa flies through the skies. Are you ready, mamas? You’ve still got time…and what better way to show your love and appreciation for someone than with a homemade gift?  Crafts and baked goodies don’t […]

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fair trade mommy moments

I had never heard of fair trade before my sister gave me a beautiful necklace for Christmas four years ago.  My sister’s gift began a continuing process of having my eyes opened to the meaning, variety, and implications of fair trade.  Fair trade is defined on www.merriam-webster.com as “a movement whose goal is to help […]

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christmas eve blues?!

  (Maddie & Bella, Christmas 2011) Christmas is my favorite time of year.  I love Christmas, the jingles bells, the Christmas Trees, the feeling of cold in the air, hot chocolate  cookies, and the list goes on. I love Christmas. But it never fails, Christmas Eve hits and I become a little blue and sad. Maybe […]

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Birthday Gifts Outside the ‘Gift’ Box

While our kids are young, it’s not too hard to wow them with fun gifts for birthdays and holidays.  However, as my son goes to more and more birthday parties for his buddies, I find myself trying to think of unique gifts.  While you really can’t go wrong with toys, crafts and games, here are […]

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