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operation un-paper towel

I left the store with that all too familiar feeling. That “how in the world did four measly bags worth of stuff add up to $100?” feeling. That “there’s a gaping hole in my wallet where my money used to be” feeling. I hate that feeling. When I got home I surveyed the damage. I […]

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Christmas storage1

pack it up

You may not be a Griswold, but it’s likely that you have a variety of Christmas decorations that need to be stored away soon. Even if you can’t see your holiday light display from outer space,  the trees, lights, wreaths and ornaments can take up lots of precious storage space. And in your rush to […]

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freezing time

While at Walmart, all alone, late one Saturday night, I found myself standing in the children’s book section.  I am sucker for books, especially children’s books and love to see what is new on the shelves.  I came across a book called “If I could keep you little…” by Marianne Richmond.  As I held the […]

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mom points

It all started as a sort of joke.  Whenever one of my older boys would do something especially thoughtful or helpful for me, I’d bestow on them a number of “Mom Points.”  A typical event might have gone something like this:  Nate offers (without prompting) to help me clean up after dinner, perhaps by running […]

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Setting up shop

Well we did it.  We finally moved into our new house.  We took one last family picture in front of the house, showed up to closing and handed over our keys.  We are slowly but surely settling into our new house and it’s feeling more and more like home every day.  I have to admit […]

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