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top of my list

I love goals.  I love to-do lists.  I love a fresh year filled with possibilities.  This year is no exception I have BIG personal goals, professional goals, a huge remodel in the works…lots of exciting things in progress this year.  I also am not a person who likes to sit.  I struggle to watch a […]

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it’s all about perspective

One day I was enjoying shopping by myself.  No kids whining for more more more…no little hands reaching out of the cart to snag something else, no arguing about how this and that wasn’t on our list.  It was heavenly! I didn’t even mind waiting in line to check out, because I was enjoying peace, […]

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Feeling guilty

I’ve recently hit a short season of life – the guilty season.  It seems many of the life choices or situations that have occurred recently have come with some sort of guilt attached. As I started to dwell more and more on these situations I started to realize I needed a new perspective in some […]

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